Kingdom Pioneers: Receive a Double Portion of Provision and Impact!

Wanda Alger

As I think about the businesses that have died as a result of this pandemic, I believe the Lord wants to rekindle fresh hope for the days ahead. There are new initiatives and new businesses in the heart and mind of God that are about to be birthed by many who have lost what they once built. The Lord is going to use many entrepreneurs in the days ahead in ways they never imagined.

When someone is gifted as a pioneer in the marketplace, the ability to envision, create, and build something never leaves. Regardless of the changes in the market or unseen closures, that gift is still at work, finding new ways to meet a need, bless a community, or serve a greater good. This is what will create new momentum in the days ahead as the Lord plants new seeds within the hearts of His entrepreneurs around the nation. Not only will He birth new opportunities within those who were robbed of their inheritance, but these new seeds will carry a double portion of provision and impact.

The Lord reminded me of a dream I had several years ago where I saw that a bridge had gone out over troubled waters, and semi-trucks were falling off the end and plunging into the waters. I was trying to warn the drivers that the bridge had gone out but it was too late for some of them. Even so, I swam to where they had gone under and was able to pull the drivers to safety. Though the semi was lost, it was the driver that was indispensable. Upon waking I sensed this was a warning of something to come, but also knew the Lord’s focus was on the drivers, not on what they were hauling. 

Dream Again!

If you are a Kingdom pioneer in the marketplace who has lost a business, you must allow faith to stir in your heart and fresh vision to bubble up in your spirit once again. The treasure He’s given you is not your business – it’s the seed of greatness INSIDE OF YOU! God wants you to imagine again, dream again, and consider new and creative opportunities for your community! His gift is still alive and well inside of you and the best is yet to come!

Ultimately, anything that is born of the Kingdom can’t be stopped, shut down, or destroyed. It simply regroups and finds new ways to manifest the never-ending abundance of the King.

“And David had success in all his undertakings, for the LORD was with him.” (1 Samuel 18:14 ESV)

Wanda Alger