God is Retooling His Church

Marc Brisebois

The Promise of a Church Able to Storm the Gates of Hell

God is retooling the Church for His original intent. By design we are meant to conquer darkness and pillage the very gates of Hell. As such, we are being prepared to reveal righteousness that the gates cannot withstand (Matthew 16:18). We can resist, but for this purpose we were born!

A Prophetic Picture

It seems the people God has chosen sometimes struggle with reluctance. In particular, we have been unwilling to go to war, being otherwise preoccupied. In answer to that, the Spirit of God is planning a surprise retooling for us. He has an intent He is unwilling to abandon, which He recently reiterated to me. The hope it generated was exhilarating!

It came as a prophetic picture. The Holy Spirit pointed to circumstances under which the United States entered World War 2. Of particular interest is the way they struggled with reluctance.

In reality the whole world was still reeling from World War 1 and Americans were focused on rebuilding. Distracted with life and the pursuit of happiness, political voices dithered, knowing the people were not ready. The War to End All Wars (WW1) had exhausted the nation, and they all hoped this might be a minor regional skirmish.

Their hopes of obtaining a more carefree existence, coupled with the amazing surge of domestic conveniences, provided an outlet of escape. All of which, muffled the alarming sounds coming from Europe. They desperately hoped the dangers of a Nazi Germany were overstated. Sadly, these were not false alarms and the reality of world war was imminent. The priorities of domestic bliss would quickly fall aside when they were pushed into war by a poorly calculated Japanese presumption! (Photo via History.com)

Industrial Retooling

What followed gave the world an opportunity to witness an epic transformation. A sleeping giant awoke and it was only a matter of time before her enemies realized their mistake. The industrial might of the United States of America turned the entirety of its strength into this battle. Every resource available was aligned to the war effort as the collective conscience of the nation affirmed. In light of reality the priority was now clear.

It resulted in a tremendous industrial retooling to which Supreme Commander, Dwight Eisenhower, remarked, “‘There was no sight in the war that so impressed me with the industrial might of America as the wreckage on the landing beaches.” (History.com)

The war ignited a change of priorities so that in a matter of months, thousands of factories were converted. They went from pumping out domestic comforts to manufacturing tactical military equipment. The latent power of an entire continent was mobilized. This represents the kind of shift that is possible in the day of His power.

The industrial retooling of America was a colossal conversion foreshadowing an approaching recalibration of the Church! Take it as a sign of God’s intention to wake up the Body of Christ to its true mission.

Retooling the Church

Heaven is planning for the retooling of churches unto their original purpose. The sound of awakening can be heard throughout the nations, breaking the enticements that have been snaring many. The sorceress enchantment of temporary pleasures will be eclipsed by a new eternal urgency.

In particular, the objectives of our faith are shifting. Having been trained to believe for divine intervention in the mundane issues of life, God is appropriating that refined faith. The Holy Spirit is conscripting what was formerly used for securing parking stalls and enlisting it into contention for souls. What was largely adapted to domestic embellishments, will now be given to secure weapons mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. 

Let the prophets blow the trumpet; it is time to believe, it is time to declare! The advance of the Kingdom of God will become the Church’s unshakable priority.

A Season of Spiritual Birthing

Let this sink into your hearts! The Holy Spirit is about to harness a generation He prophetically calls the Generation of Jacob (Psalm 24:6). They are those who ‘seek Him,’ who will be distinguished by their unusual devotion toward Him. This is a season of spiritual birthing! We join creation groaning in labor for the manifestation of mature sons and daughters (Romans 8:22). What does this fullness look like? It looks like commitment, passion and unwavering desire and is described this way.

“When You said, ‘Seek My face,’ my heart said to You, ‘Your face, LORD, I will seek.'” (Psalm 27:8)

Just as the world saw a dramatic transformation of the industrial heartland of America, the spiritual heartland of the Church will be recalibrated. The latent power of a vast company of Believers will be mobilized in the full might of His glory. God is retooling His Church! For us it is not a matter of perfection, but of great grace. We are leaning into Him for the kind of heart that says, “Your face, Lord, I will seek! Recalibrate me.”

Marc Brisebois
Watchman on the Wall